In Waterland

by Jodi Shaw

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(free) 03:26


released May 15, 2012

Produced by Jodi Shaw and Malcolm Burn



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Jodi Shaw Brooklyn, New York

"In Waterland" is a highly evocative, intensely personal work fraught with lust, evil, and beauty.

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Track Name: Swim
I swim, and I swim
Fire burns through every aching limb
Still I swim

Over sand. over sea
Look, here comes a giant whale to swallow me
Ah, the beauty of the sea

No it doesn't look too good for me
This ocean is my destiny
Now could you be just a little light?
The bough of silver
An open door to heaven in my eyes

I watch it slip from your lip
Look here comes a sound and sturdy ship
To save me

You smile and you wave
You say I'll be back to rescue you someday
As I struggle in the wake

No it doesn't look too good for me
The Story is a tragedy
Now could you be just a little lie?
I tell myself that I've gone too far
I can't keep my eyes on
The ever-fading far horizon but
I gotta believe
I gotta believe
It's gonna be me

How much further?
Love, just how deep?
The sharks have begun to circle
I go to sleep . . .

You smile and you wave
You say I'll be back to rescue you someday.
Track Name: The Witch
Burn the witch, she’s got warts on her toes and her tits
She’s old, she’s cold, I don’t think she has a soul

She staggers she spits she falls down she throws fits
She can’t sing she can’t see she can’t possibly need

You turn to a friend, say it’s winter again
How did that happen so fast?
Is that really me looking back?

You’re beautiful . . .
All of the boys want to walk you to school
Turn a regular guy to a stumbling fool
But these things they just fade away
I love you anyway

You look in the glass, you don’t dare but you ask anyway
Is she young is she dumb is she pure is she fun is she gay?

I’ll lay down the law yeah I’ll lay down the law
Said I’ll lay down the law, yeah I know what I saw

Remember when her ivory skin
Was so perfect in every way
And all of the boys used to say

Oh she’s beautiful . . .
Maybe today I can walk her to school
I’ll stand up real tall, and I’ll try to act cool
But now they just all look away
I love you anyway

A trick a treat, they throw apples they rot in your street
It’s a lave, it’s a grave, it’s the stink on a hot summer day

Yeah I think I can swim yeah I think I can swim
Said I think I can swim yeah go on go on go on go on and push me in

Acetylene torch, I sit on my porch
And wait on the sun to go down
Turn out the lights, seal out the sights
And sink without a sound

It’s beautiful . . .
Now all the boys have gone off to school
And soon all the eyes will be winking at you
And I’ll just be fading away
I’ll love you anyway
Track Name: Jack & Jill
Jack and Jill
Came tumbling down that hill
Yeah they were flying
They were sinking into sand
And the moment they hit bottom
Oh he let go of her hand
That is something I will never understand

Swim to me
Across that ancient sea
Won't you do anything
Just to be here by my side
Oh and even my own eyes can see
That water is too deep
Ah but boy I know you never even tried

Hold me there
In the space that you can spare
No I'm not running
I will take it when I can
Oh though the gods smile down on me
They say I'm in their plans
Oh and even though I know you're just a man
Track Name: The Mystery of Love
Hey good lookin’ what ya got cookin’
Feel a little tired well you better find a fire to light
‘cause tonight’s the night

This aint a battle just slide on that saddle
Shake me all around you like a bitty baby rattle
Dont brood, ‘cause I know just what to do

I can feel the rain coming down down down
There aint a lot of solace in this town
But I can give you one thing that you won’t regret
If you’re gonna hang around with me, you’re gonna get wet

Oooooh I’ll sail that ship to shore
Oooooh I think I heard her say she wants some . . .
Oooooh I feel ths sin inside of me
Welcome to the mystery of love
My darling dove

Polly want a cracker well maybe Stevie Backer
Could get a little honey if he could find the money
Tonight, who knows? He might

Cupid and a sparrow, stupid to the marrow
Roaming through the battle with a big bow and arrow
To fight, in the ever fading light

I’ve seen a lot of trouble going down down down
And I see the police comin’ ‘round
I can see that train is coming off the track
Yeah, once yout take a ride with me you never go back

Oooooh I’ll sail that ship to shore
Oooooh I think I heard her say he wants some . . .
Oooooh I feel ths saint inside of me
Welcome to the mystery of love
My darling dove
Track Name: To the Country (We Go)
Apples drop and blossoms bloom
The naked sky it covers you
Like I wanted to

I see you on your bicycle
You pedal to the places that you know
I’d like to go with you

High atop a ferris wheel
I caught a county caterpillar
I won a prize

Swaying in the fragrant breeze
A patch of dirt upon your knees
And the heat in your hot brown eyes

To the country you go
The farmhand and his sweet red rose
The thorn never shows
But it grows, and grows, and grows . . .

Ah but nature covers up her hymns
The river sings it holy hymns to God
And love

Ankle deep in poison weeds
The devil’s work and other deeds
With you my darling love

To the country you go
The farmhand and his sweet red rose
The thorn never shows
But it grows, and grows, and grows . . .

A soft rain falls upon my blouse
And now there is no doubt
I see gallows hang in that house

I thought I saw you wave today
But then you turned your eyes to look away
And then I knew

So solemn in your silly chair
Longing for the open air
The things we could do

To the country we go
The farmhand and his sweet red rose
The thorn never shows
But it grows, and grows, and grows . . .
Track Name: This Balloon / Ode to Zvezdochka
Honeycomb and day-glo babies
Under the snow
Thousands of feet below me

It’s staggering the solitude
Soaring through a sky of blue
and Gold

Yeah man the stars up here will make you fat
But you don’t fall in love like that
Unless you’re gonna be real to me
I’m not just a stray dog to laugh at

All the girls have gathered round
To stand by a train
To watch Sally say goodbye

To where I’d like to stay for once
To ring that bell to throw a punch or two
Wouldn’t you?

Like to believe it
But baby it’s just air
You know we haven’t got a paryer
Just a bit of bad static on the airwaves
The angels in their graves

I’d sure like to come in for a landing
Reach some higher understanding

But this balloon would have me float forever
over the world without a tether
To help me get back
Track Name: Fortunate Prince
Spoken, just like a fortunate prince
Down on his luck and utterly gravity sick

No mention of ever mending his ways
And I don’t believe in much anymore anyway

But I’m here, and I’m trying
I appear instead of dying

If I were to push you
out that burning building and into the street
Just think of the fall out
and alll of the disfigured people you’d meet
Like some kind of legend,
taken for dead and suddenly up on his feet
To float like a feather
and land on his very unfortunate feet

Don’t be foolish, don’t get so down on me
You’re barely alive
you’ve got no right to claim you can see

This is murder, as plain as the light on my face
A knife on the rug and blood spilling all over the place

But the love, still stanidng
There must be some kind of misunderstanding

Is it time for a rescue
tell me, do you want me to throw you a line?
Good day for martyrs
and olives and peanuts and bottles of forbidden wine
You’re not such an angel
somehow you think you’re immune to the crime
But babe I know better
and it’s only a matter of
time time time time time . . .

Here’s where the punch line comes
They’re tears, no and they’re no fun
And years to get it done
Poor baby you’ve just begun

When I get to heaven
baby you know that I’ll take your side
I’ll say he was something
that is something exciting about him
when he was alive

You have no idea
You have no idea
Track Name: In Waterland
Careful caresses you don’t know what they mean
A saint on a mission not all that he seems
Be careful he said, it’s only a dream

All of the lovers have come out to play
Except me on my horse I shoo them away
A fly on the ceiling has come in to lay her eggs

Here in Waterland
You wave to me from the shore
And God only knows what we have to endure
The illness in the cure

Awake like the weavers who spin into gold
A priest in the kitchen saving a soul

I’m tired of growing I’m tired of sleep
I’m tired of reaching I’m tired of sweet
I’m tired of love I’m tired of me

But here in Waterland
Nothing is ever alone
Nothing is new and nothing grows old
Beauty to the bone

Hey dad, aren’t you glad?
You didn’t know I could swim so fast
Watch me dive into the the eye of the storm
Yeah that’s where I was born
In Waterland

Throw them like apples into the sea
A look in that glass so honest and green
A sentient creature is taking my hand

Here in Waterland
You wave to me from the shore
And now I know I understand
There will never be anything more
Track Name: Hell's Bells
Hell's bells, even in winter
Hot spells, furious splinters
Ma yells, God loves you!

Faint glow, huddling in the
Hot snow, ba da ba ding
I don't know how I know it, but it's true

Enter Sourmelina, the chimp from Tanzania . . .

Well I feel alive, the hyena cried
At the Pondicherry zoo
I run in circles too
The sea so wide and blue

It's a stellar night, for a lonely ride
Not a single soul in sight
Just a black and hungry sky
But ha! I stayed alive

Still I think it's gonna be a . . .

Long night, lingering in the
Spotlight, struggling to be
All right I know I can see this through

Hello Santa Rita, make a melee margarita . . .

Well it's too late, he flew back to L.A.
And he's never coming back
Guess I was not a catch
Just an itch he had to scratch

Just a brimming bride, eyes too open wide
Built to pry herself apart
A lovely book-end heart
A stifling work of art

As the stars all begin to fall
And I wonder at it all
Mr. Parker begins to roar
And I don't know if I'm ever gonna make it home

They want to need me
But first they want to know if I'm telling the truth
They won't believe me
Until I go to them offering proof
There's no road, nor graph
Nor frame, no map
There's just lovable, gullible, me . . . .
Track Name: Fellas
I’ve seen the worn and weary world
But I’m a funny kind of girl
You know I’s rather race
Down the Carolina freeway any day
And I’d like to say

Fellahs, don’t leave me alone tonight
I got an appetite for love
Come on and show me now
Just what you’re made of

How long, until the atmosphere
Is settled down and clear
And I can safely stay and rest my sweet head

I’d like to thank you for your time
Your generosity’s divine
Another one-mand band
And the ever-present promis of the Holy Land
And now I understand

I say: meet me, in the proscenium
The lights are getting dim
COme on and lend me any lovely losse-limbed

Fellah, I’ll take good care of him
I promise to be good
Yeah and treat him just the wya a young girl should

Hey if you knew the world was ending soon
What would you do if it came down to me and you?
Take a photograph, try to make it last
Come on boy I’m fading fast
Don’t make me wait too long
How could I go on?