Snow on Saturn

by Jodi Shaw

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Haunting vocals suspended in sparse, acoustic arrangements.

"Jodi Shaw's vocals and music are soothing, sublime, hyptonic and at once profound and pleasant. She merits stardom and hopefully the entire Country will be exposed to her three stellar CD's (The Pie-Love Sky,The Myth Of Patience and Snow On Saturn). She is consistently a marvel and listening to her songs is invariably an edifying musical experience. Music for the soul."
-Brien Comerford

"Love this CD! What a pure, beautiful voice, and the harmonies are wonderful. My favs are Starling and An Irish Airman Forsees His Death - heartbreakingly beautiful!"

"Jodi Shaw, Jodi Shaw, Jodi Shaw. I’ll be the first to admit that it was going to take a lot for me to listen to anything new and folky. I’ve got my Joni Mitchell, I’ve got my Simon & Garfunkel, I grew up on Suzanne Vega. Isn’t there enough great music out there to fill a lifetime of listening? Two? More? But I happened by Artland Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn one night and was lucky enough to hear Jodi Shaw. I was a convert. Immediately. It’s not just the rich, beautiful voice, the exceptionally touching and clever lyrics, the effortlessness of her musicality. These are all there in her recordings, but I don’t think the recordings alone could have hooked me: It is her presence. She has one of those souls that shines while she performs. There’s nothing you can put your finger on; she has an easy, witty manner on stage; sways with her music; is not rapt in some sort of dramatic ecstasy as she plays. She is just there. But very, very there; so present she fills the stage, the room, your skin. It is the audience that is rapt; she is smiley, chatty, relaxed; as if she doesn’t know what she is doing to us. Maybe she doesn’t know. Maybe she can’t know. I’ve seen Jodi perform a lot now, in several different venues. She is always consummate, always natural, always a joy to watch and hear. But if you want the peak of the Jodi Shaw experience, hear her at little Artland, where the feeling of immediate warmth and camaraderie that the place exudes at all times is reflected and amplified through Jodi’s effortless magic into something really, really special. Don’t miss it."
-John J.A. Jannone


released May 1, 2005

Produced by Steve Addabbo / Arrangements by Jodi Shaw
All songs written by Jodi Shaw except "An Irish Airmen Foresees his Death" music by Jodi Shaw lyrics by W.B. Yeats and "The Book of Love" By Stephen Merritt/The Magnetic Fields



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Jodi Shaw Brooklyn, New York

"In Waterland" is a highly evocative, intensely personal work fraught with lust, evil, and beauty.

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Track Name: Starling
Starling, you're my darling
Birdlet of the rain and snow
And sweetly, every day you greet me
Is one day I know I am not alone

You fly in any kind of weather
More than any birdlet should
If I could trade this coat for feathers
Then starling, I would

Please me, then fly away to tease me
But starling I know I'm the one you love
Track Name: I Want To
I don't wanna know the details baby
I don't wanna understand
I don't need to see the blueprints babe,
Or know the master plan

I don't wanna hear an explanation
I don't wanna know why
Why discuss the implications
We'll try not to let this love pass us by

The bells are ringing
Birds are singing
And I'm a swinging on an old church swing

The wheels are turning
And I'm a yearning
For more of that tender love you bring

I wanna know a world of wonder baby
I wanna take another chance
I wanna fall into the rhythm babe,
And join this lovely dance

I wanna stop and smell the roses baby
I wanna reach another place
I wanna see that tender smile
Stream across your ever loving face

The flowers growing
A breeze is blowing
Coyote crowing at the big old moon

The wheels are turning
And I'm a yearning
To see what it is to fall in love with you
Track Name: In the Fall Light
Here comes a cop with a gun in his hand and
I’m thinking that this party has gotten out of hand
I look at the snow falling up on the hill
The stars are so cold and the lilies are so very still

It was so unexpected, it was just like you said
A bloody little black number with a gun to her head
I took all my chances I took all of the time
I took every last drop of summer, still hoping to shine in the

Fall Light
The angle is funny, the lens is not right
I want to stay
In the silent beginning of that blessed day

Hotels and barbells and inching away
From the funny little black spider who always gets his way
A church on the corner where I learned to pray
I said “God you gotta give me something, something to make me want to . . .

Stay here
When the message is muddy, the meaning’s not clear
I want to turn
From the fullness in me, from the lesson that I'll never learn”

Hold me like a baby
I know no one can save me
I feel so tired and crazy

So little and lazy
Hollow and hazy

I’m a story
That never gets told ‘cause I’m never believed
For being so blind, for being so weak
Track Name: The Singer
To never consider the way it would sound
Just turn my back on that unruly crowd
With their ears full of cotton the collective frown
Free from that albatross weighing me down

To order the vowels to make myself clear
Not tune my tongue to that unfriendly ear
To rail at this prison of bodily fear
Let go of that part of me people hear
People hear

But this is a life
Not cut and clear but messy how do I
Bring all my faults to light?

Could this be a dare?
Just wrap me up and throw me way up there
Blue air, I have to admit that I am scared

To sail the abyss between candid and coy
the original vow as of yet unemployed
Fair to assume they are probably annoyed
But I am not comfortable
Filling that void

A corporate treasure of pleasure and fear
Where men manufacture their shallow careers
On the art of the oral the cracked chandelier
Out of fucking the fault lines for
A disaster year,
It’s a disaster here


A sense of breaking vs. a sense of staying calm
I’m staying calm, I’m staying calm
No room for mercy, where mercy does not belong
I send it on, and on and on and on and on . . .

On and on . . .
On and on . . .
On and on . . .
Track Name: Your Lovely Face
Love and joy, love and joy
That tender little itchy toy
But I love it all the same

Put a daisy in my hair
I’m falling down these skinny stairs
I’m falling all around you, I surround you

Oh oh oh
I don’t know my place
There are things I can’t erase
It’s a fate I will embrace
Just to see your lovely face

I walk the path of a winding road
The sun is gone the sky is cold
And stars surround me (they astound me)

I pat the head of a pretty horse
I don’t know why but love of course
I’d do it all again, with you


I’m on my knees saying pretty please
The girl is gone and I see bees
They swarm all around me

I say to Peace “you’re a jealous bride”
The water’s deep and the river’s wide
But I jump in anyway

Track Name: An Irish Airmen Foresees His Death
See "An Irish Airmen Foresees His Death" by W.B. Yeats
Track Name: Savannah Smiles
When Savannah smiles
The sun comes out to greet her
And the day could not be sweeter for a while

Such a precious child
If only I could hold her for a while
Make all the worries disappear

I can see the storm begin
I’m way too old to sing this song again
All my friends are settling down

Look across the old blue river
There’s nothing else that I can give her
Oh Savannah smiling just for me

When Savannah’s fine
The sky could not be kinder
And the stars could not outshine her if they tried

All the words just seem
To lay down like a sonnet for a queen
A little lonely by her side

I can see the storm receding
A little love is all she’s needing
In the dead of night there’s
A fluttering light

Oh Savannah dry your eyes
Don’t believe those petty lies
Oh Savannah smiling just for me

Falling down
She’s falling down
She’s falling down
She’s falling down
and down and down and down and down and down and down and down

Oh Savannah falling down, falling down . . .

Oh to see her grow
And where she’s going no one really knows
Just how deep or how far

Just a little child
She only needs me for a little while
Before she turns to walk away

Funny how the time it goes
The days and nights all seem to go so slow
But I know, it’s just a short while

But oh the love it never ends
I couldn’t have a better friend
Oh Savannah won’t you smile for me
Track Name: Snow White
The ice is getting thin
I straddle the edge of the snowy white skin
A knock on the door, inviting you in
To which you reply, never again

Now lilies struggle on a hill
The long coat of summer is fading and still
Birds come to flutter and beat on the sill
To rest on the roof of the cottage we built

But don’t go much further I think there are things
This girl would rather not know
A red rose is blooming a hummingbird sings
Under the virgin white snow

A heart beats in the black
A night full of stars I am peeling them back
Back to a page I read in a book
Back to the heart of the boar he took


Here is the sweet river Rhone
Where the sound slips alone
Through the mud and the stone

Deadly where nothing gets in
Blind as blind as the skin
On the eye of a stone
Hardly home

Snow is falling down
You open your eyes take a good look around
You run through the woods, you come to a town
Where you ask for a bed and they turn you down

Track Name: Shooting Star
I wish I could be a shooting star
I wish I could be warm and bizarre
Or hills, rolling into sky
A river running wide, the apple of your eye

Now the summer heat has come and gone
The lamp is lit and all the shades are drawn
Send roses if you can, put the petals in my hand
And now I understand

That I photograph the rain
Make it all look sane
And try to wax romantic
When love, my heart is only frantic

Hello love I got your letter
Written in your yellow sweater
Trust me love I’m doing better
It’s only fair to say . . .

Now the guests are folding into pairs
So make the bed and move me up the stairs

Love, I think we had it all
And now I’m feeling small
Just a picture on your wall

And, so the story ends
Another to begin
Another happy ending
Another letter I am never sending
Track Name: And So . . .
Too fickle to need, too tickled to grieve
For the man with his heart on his sleeve
A pleasant surprise in the backs of his eyes for me

Hell I didn’t care, I knew he was there
In the hall with that slippery stare
How funny we fall how foul we fare when we leave

Wheeling down that wicked road
The sins are sticking to our clothes
It’s enough to put a better man to shame

Just chalk it up to make-believe
The folly of your family tree
Better just to let it be, and go

Too tired to try, more likely to
Lie like a lion who’s so well despised
Than tend to the shallow fields that are hallowed and grey

So nothing is true, how lucky for you
Just to toss it, another lost shoe
Lace it up a little harder I’d really like to get it started hey hey

How carefully how unforeseen
Like fallout from a wicked dream
I’ve been living in the in-between for quite some time

There’s a place I’d rather go
But forced to stick to what I know
Lace it up, oh let it go, okay . . .

And once it gets in, then baby
It spins like a wheel with a talent for feeling
Like everything here has gotten ugly and a little rotten hey hey

And baby it’s tough
I’d rather pick up a bottle than drink down that stuff
Shoot straight as an arrow through fist and through marrow I bleed

I’m looking on this holiday
Two lovely eyes that look away
Better just to write the play and save myself

From what I know and what I dream
There’s nothing worth recovering
No matter if I have the means or not

And so . . .
Track Name: The Book of Love
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